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Filmmaking duo Adam and Stu stumble upon a series of online videos which they beleive contain a man confessing to a murder of someone named "Stacey." With "true crime" being the hottest genre in the industry, they decide that they should cash in on the trend by creating a hit series of thier own. What they believe to be a straightforward murder case turns into an unforgettable manhunt that could have deadly consequences for all. Are they in over their heads? Yes.



February 8, 2020


"Rodness and Stone have created a film that is both grounded in reality and completely off the rails, tossing caution to wind to chase down a wild story. 
– iHorror

“If the film sound like something you'll like, chances are you will.”
– Film Threat

"Twists and turns that will keep you captivated. Timely humour that will make you laugh. Oh yeah, and it's creepy and weird and as authentic as it gets."
– DeanBlundell.com

“Succeeds as a consistently engrossing watch that blends the line between reality and fiction."
– Matt's Movies Reviews

“Part 'Catfish' with a dash of 'Deliverance' and 'Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon.' Even for the less than diehard true crime fan, there's much to enjoy here.
– Horror Buzz

“Keeps you on your toes, screaming at the screen."
– ML Miller Rights

“An incredible meta story ad incredibly cool that they were able to pull this off."
– Geek Vibes Nation

"It's so nice to find an independent horror that is both thrilling and original."
- Spooky Astronauts

"Faking A Murderer is charismatic, funny and easy entertaining watch for a lay evening with friends and a few beers."
- FilmCarnage.com



Adam Rodness
Stu Stone
Tony Nappo


Stu Stone