Director Gabriel Carrer (If a Tree Falls, Kill, Desperate Souls) returns with the retro 80s thriller In The House of Flies. Two young lovers, Heather (Lindsay Smith) and Steve (Ryan Kotack), find their lives inadvertently changed forever when they're suddenly abducted. With no idea who has taken them, or for what purpose, the couple struggle to escape. Alone, isolated and imprisoned in a cold unforgiving basement, Heather and Steve soon find themselves pawns in the psychological game of their diabolical captor. 






October 8, 2013


"I can’t praise this film enough for how successful it was at making such a simple story so emotionally taxing, so intricately detailed and so heavily nuanced."
- Ain't It Cool News


“...indie horror flicks this intense, horrific, well acted and thought-provoking are few and far between these days. If the notion of slow-burn horror films doesn’t offend you, you’d do well to pay this House a visit.”
– Dread Central


“Few horror films are as claustrophobic as Gabriel Carrer’s virtual two-hander about a couple tormented by an unseen psychopath while locked in a dank basement.”
– Hollywood Reporter


"Genre fans that tend to gravitate more towards the gut wrenching gore factors will not be disappointed. A couple of scenes come to mind that are have no shortage of blood and perhaps another ditty that involves a creative use of vermin."


"I loved the film, but honestly the real fun came after watching it as I contemplated being in this same particular scenario and what my actions would be. You may find out you aren’t the unselfish, loving person you thought you were."
- Legless


"Fantastic performances and a vicious villain create a disturbing 90 minutes. This fim will get under your skin, draggin you through the same turmoil the characters face. It may leave you drained afterwards, but the journey is worth it."
- Toronto Film Scene




Ryan Kotack
Lindsey Smaith
Henry Rollins


Gabriel Carrer